Posted by: manjitsandhu | March 1, 2012

Can Meditation Help a Salesperson Close More Business?

Practitioners of meditation have proclaimed its benefits for centuries. Indeed, people all over the world successfully use this form of intentional contemplation on a daily basis to relax, to lower their stress, and even to enrich their inner lives. For many, particularly people engaged in the sales profession, the ongoing practice of meditation also results in unexpected benefits, including an enhanced ability to interact with and persuade customers.

To understand how the seemingly inward-looking practice of meditation can influence external factors such as business dealings, it helps if you have a sense of what meditation is and how it works. This intentional activity has many forms, some overtly spiritual, others resolutely secular, and still more falling somewhere in between. Although their mindsets may all differ, however, it is safe to say that they share the same goal: to help a person achieve inner balance or illumination. Practitioners do this through the use of physical and mental relaxation techniques ranging from absolute stillness to proscribed movements, total silence to chanted words or phrases. Regardless of the vehicles they use, however, proponents of meditation all endorse it as an amazingly effective tool to lower stress and restore physical, mental and emotional equilibrium.

Imagine a salesperson who is, so to speak, at the end of her rope. Intensely worried about her ability to close an important deal, she has not slept well for days. Her heart is racing, her thoughts are scattered, and scenarios of doom haunt her. When the time comes for the big meeting, her tension is palpable to everyone in the room. The customer cannot help but notice her anxiety and figure it into the equation of whether to sign on the dotted line.

What if this same salesperson were an ongoing practitioner of meditation? She would have a consistent regimen of physical and mental relaxation that would help her to clear the toxic and unproductive thoughts away, opening the door to a calmer and clearer outlook. With panic banished and her goals visible, she would have the wherewithal to prepare for her meeting, both externally and emotionally. Without a doubt, the woman who greeted the customer for that all-important meeting would project an air of confidence and self-possession, both about her abilities and the presentation she was about to make. Her inner balance, cemented strongly into a foundation of calm and well-being brought about through meditation, would remain throughout the meeting. For her, questions and objections would not be perceived as challenges; instead, they would become opportunities for explanation and illumination. If you were a client, would you have more confidence in the stressed-out salesperson or the calm and knowledgeable one?

In order to establish and maintain rapport with customers, it is vital that a salesperson understand his or her materials and how they can benefit the client. Yet, this is only part of what separates a mediocre seller from an excellent one. Customers “click” with sellers who project a genuine air of calm and confidence, with a minimum of anxiety or urgency. While meditation will not provide the “nuts and bolts” understanding of the products or services you are selling, it can furnish the underpinnings that will allow you to let your knowledge come through for all to see.

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