Posted by: manjitsandhu | January 1, 2012

Can Meditation Really Improve Your Game of Golf?

Can meditation improve your game of Golf? Try playing a round with some Buddhist Monks and see.

In its purest form, golf can be termed meditation in action. As many who practice it will tell you, regular meditation improves nearly everything in your life. The conclusion many golfers are coming to these days is that meditation and golf can go hand in hand.

To the uninitiated, meditation means sitting in a dark room and doing nothing. Performed correctly though, meditation is excellent exercise for the body. When the body learns to relax in a meditative state, the energy in our body flows through us, instead of getting clotted behind tensed muscles.

When the body learns to breathe deeply and regularly, it uses and directs energy much more efficiently than normally. When our mind learns calmness the body responds in kind, becomes supple and gains endurance. The increased suppleness that meditation gives the body can aid in your golf stances. It can help you bend just that millimeter needed to sink your putt or avoid a hazard. Your swings can acquire more grace and power.

There is an old joke where a Buddhist Monk goes to the hot dog vendor and says, “Make me one with everything.” Isn’t this really what the golfer strives for? To become one with the club, moving as one, with directed force to send the ball where it is supposed to go. Enhanced concentration manifested as observation helps sense the speed and direction of the wind, the height and direction of the grass — in short, anything between you and the hole.
Feeling more at peace, another benefit of meditation, will aid in recognizing the lessons golf teaches us so that we do not simply obsess about the numbers on a score card. Added serenity and concentration will help to block out any distractions. Some may find themselves not caring about or reacting to their golfing buddies’ clever comments, which for some can improve their game immensely.  The fact is, meditation is not a religion.  Meditation is a discipline and a powerful tool that can enhance your inner and outer life and, in the process, help your game of golf.

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