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Why meditators (people who meditate regularly) have a glowing complexion

Have you ever noticed that people who meditate regularly possess a calm demeanor and glowing complexion? What is it that those people have learned that we have not yet mastered? Why are their faces bright and relaxed while ours are tense and worn?

Meditation naturally de-stresses a person. It is widely proven that a person who spends regular time in meditation and other purposeful spiritual activities tends to be less stressed, happier, and more able to cope with all of the demands of life. Many people who suffer from dark circles, wrinkles, stress lines, acne, and other complexion problems are simply too stressed. Lack of sleep, unbalanced emotions, and an over-abundance of work leads to a complexion that is neither healthy nor peaceful.

The art of meditation teaches one to be calm and entirely at peace. It teaches a person to put problems into perspective and stress under control. Meditation allows a person to rest, while properly approaching life’s demands and difficulties. It calms the heart beat, relaxes tension in muscles, and clears the mind of rapidly spinning thought processes.

For some, the meditation process can include movement and exercise such as Yoga or Pilates. This provides a benefit, not only for the mind, but also for the physical being. These calm, quiet movements strengthen and lengthen the body, relax the mind, and balance hormones. Other meditation processes include deep breathing, relaxed postures, or specific thinking practices.

Meditators reap the rewards of comfortable sleep, balanced hormones, controlled stress, purposeful thoughts, proper perspective, and overall bodily health. We see a glowing complexion and a peaceful demeanor, but the person who meditates knows the many other benefits from his daily practices.

Regardless of how a person practices meditation, we are aware that those who take time to slow their thinking, focus on what matters, and relax in the midst of stress will walk away with a glowing face. A person who knows how to meditate knows how to re-charge. It is then not even a question as to why meditators possess a glowing complexion.

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