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A two minute -100% foolproof early warning system warning you of a serious personal problem

Try this two minute exercise to determine if you are heading towards a collapse in the near future.

This exercise has two steps. Please do not proceed to Step 2 till you have completed Step 1.

Step 1:

Take a blank (un ruled) piece of paper and write down a four to eight line paragraph on anything that comes to your mind.  Just write quickly without thinking.

Please Stop: Do not proceed to Step 2 till you have completed the exercise above.

Step 2:

Look at the slant of your words in the paragraph you penned in step 1. If all the words are slanting in the same direction (all inclined, all reclined or all vertical) you are potentially handling yourself well and are not heading towards a stress related collapse (you may still be stressed but seem to be handling it well)..

However, is you see a few words (two or more) inclined in the opposite direction as compared to the flow of the bulk of your writing, watch out, you may be heading towards a stress induced problem. The greater the number of words out of sync the more impending is the potential problem.

The science behind this exercise

Graphology is the science of handwriting analysis. StressGraphology TM is a technique developed by me twenty five years ago. This helps people identify traits in handwriting that are indicative of a stress related problem.

I have been teaching stress management for almost 30 years and have found no better self analysis tool to predict a possible stress induced problem than your handwriting.

During the process of writing your hand is under the direct control of your brain and any malfunctioning in the brain or mind can be easily pinpointed by the changes in your handwriting.

Change in incline is a sign of internal turmoil and this is the sign that a layperson can easily identify on their own through this two minute test. In addition to this simple exercise there are numerous subtle signs that a trained professional can pick up.

I would highly recommend that you review your handwriting sample at least once a month to identify telltale signs of an impending stress related problem.

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