Posted by: manjitsandhu | May 1, 2011

How Can Meditation Enhance Your Presentation Style to Your Customers?

Your company conference room is ready. Fresh coffee is brewing. A delicious selection of bagels and pastries is spread on a side table. You and your coworkers are all gathered, and your customer has just entered the room. The next few minutes will determine whether she will choose to put her trust in your company or explore other options from your competition. As the main presenter, you feel a stab of apprehension. Have you prepared your materials sufficiently? Will your customer understand the thrust of your discussion? Worst of all, will your fear get the best of you, ruining all of the groundwork you have so carefully laid? Will your trepidation manifest itself in the body language you convey? Will your customer lose faith in your message because of your stage fright?

You know that you have devoted a great deal of time and effort into just what you will say and how you will say it. Yet, your heart begins to race and your throat tightens with fear. Your heart races and beads of sweat appear on your forehead. After all, so much rides on the success of this presentation.

It is at this very moment that you realize how your practice of meditation can actually alleviate your anxiety. Each day, you have devoted a set amount of time to clearing your mind of worries and superficialities. You have found that this regular practice has enabled you to see the bigger picture. In fact, you have noticed an enhanced ability to clarify your goals and to attain them. In a flash, you recognize that the skills you have developed in your daily practice will be invaluable as you speak to your important customer. The tranquility that you feel each time you meditate does not disappear when you resume your other daily activities. Indeed, friends and acquaintances have commented that you seem so much more peaceful and calm lately. Maybe things won’t be so bad after all.

Is this a miracle? Is it some sort of hippie magic or mind control? In short, the answer is no. Instead, the meditation you have been practicing acts as a vehicle that will enable you to think more clearly, focus with more acuity, and banish the destructive negative thoughts that can turn even the most carefully wrought presentation into a shambles. Far from a magic bullet, the hours you have spent in daily quiet reflection have strengthened your “discipline muscle,” as it were. Just as a trained athlete can withstand the rigors of a marathon in spite of his pre-race nervousness, the practitioner of meditation can employ the skills he has honed to survive the anxieties of daily life. Furthermore, someone who meditates regularly often exudes a quiet confidence and charisma that is palpable and compelling to friends and strangers alike.

Squaring your shoulders with renewed purpose, you begin to take the deep, healing breaths that have sustained you in your meditation practice. Your vision clears and the logic of your presentation is projected onto the movie screen of your mind in bold and clear colors. Because you and your colleagues have labored long and hard to make this presentation excellent, all that remains is to communicate your confidence to the customer eagerly taking in your every word. Thanks to the structure and clarity that daily meditation has furnished, you can make your points concisely, free of distracting fears and anxieties.

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