Posted by: manjitsandhu | April 1, 2011

Can Meditation Help You Become a Better Employee?

If you’re like most of us, you spend almost a third of your life at work. Like it or not, the workplace environment you inhabit and help to create has an overwhelming influence on most aspects of your existence, from how you feel about yourself to your attitude toward your job and your colleagues and clients. The good news is that you are not a helpless victim of your workplace milieu. In fact, engaging in an activity as simple and straightforward as regular meditation can be the catalyst for a positive ripple effect that will benefit you and those with whom you work and interact every day.

Some people mistakenly believe that a commitment to meditation requires that you live like a hermit in a mountain cave or, at the very least, devote several hours a day to complicated yogic practices. In reality, a meditation practice can be quite simple and it can be customized to complement even the busiest lifestyle. Indeed, meditation is just a fancy way to describe mindfulness. Put another way, it describes any number of strategies that people have developed that enable them to clear and still their minds. Many regular practitioners of meditation find that they are more relaxed, less subject to stress, and more able to think clearly.

Imagine how you, too, could see compelling results after practicing meditation for just a few weeks or months. Thanks to your newfound practice, you are much less stressed, and have even found that you sleep more deeply and soundly. Consequently, what might once have turned into a confrontation with a colleague now simply rolls off your back. Customer concerns are transformed from exhausting obstacles into challenges that you can help to overcome. Your improved outlook and spirits may also have inspired you to take on some new projects, earning you extra points with your boss.

Your meditation practice is even beginning to be the catalyst for some subtle but noticeable positive changes in the mood of your entire workplace. Just as one “toxic” employee can poison the mood of the whole office, one energized and positive worker can have a galvanizing, positive effect on the attitudes and productivity of everyone working there. Hard as it may be to believe, those few minutes of mindful meditation that you practice every day can actually begin to bathe your colleagues and even your customers in the glow. Considering the amount of time and energy you are expending in your workplace, what better gift could you give to everyone around you—and even yourself? For little or no money, you can set in motion a process that will help you and your colleagues become more productive, enhance goodwill among you, and enable you to transfer this positive energy to your customers. Simply by committing to spend a few minutes each day in quiet, mind-clearing contemplation, you really can change your entire life, your point of view, and even those around you.

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