Posted by: manjitsandhu | February 1, 2011

Can Meditation Really Enhance you Sleep?

You may already be aware of the uplifting effects that meditation can bring to your spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. You may have even used it as a tool to enhance your performance at work. But did you know that it can also be an invaluable boost when it comes to your night life? We’re not talking about your after-hours socializing either. Believe it or not, the regular practice of quiet contemplation can enhance and enrich your sleep.

It makes sense when you think about it. After all, meditation induces a state of mental and physical relaxation within a short period of time. After just a few minutes of intentional mindful contemplation, you may often feel amazingly revitalized, perhaps even like a new person. Unfortunately, however, the feelings of well-being and equilibrium that meditation produces are short-lived, usually quickly replaced by the ups and downs of daily life. As tempting as it might be to try, it is not physically possible to use meditation as a substitute for deep sleep. In fact, sacrificing shut-eye can lead to eating disorders, a decreased ability to concentrate, mood swings, and even physical or mental illness.

This is because quality, uninterrupted sleep has been shown to have essential physical benefits that we as human beings cannot live without. During rest, our bodies can devote their energies to healing, fighting disease, growing, producing new cells, and fending off the aging process. In addition, our overtaxed minds can wind down and have the chance to process the events of the previous day, particularly during the REM period of sleep. In short, sleep is the means by which we can become revitalized, refreshed, and ready for new challenges and experiences.

If sleep is the medicine that furnishes us with these benefits, meditation can be the sugar that sweetens its effects even further. Indeed, practicing meditation can provide the stress reduction and clarity that can summon sleep more quickly and help you fall even more deeply into the healing rest your body craves. When combined with good nutrition and exercise, sleep and meditation function as a dynamic set of health-giving tools. When used in concert, they can enable you to think, feel, and act at the highest possible level.

The next time you feel stressed or under the gun of a deadline, let the illumination you find in your meditation practice enrich your body’s and mind’s sleep-induced healing. Far from being wasted time, you will find that these hours of repose will uplift and renew you. By so doing, you will allow your body to heal your mind and your mind to heal your body.

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