Posted by: manjitsandhu | October 1, 2010

Can Meditation Enhance Your Beauty?

Practicing meditation can enhance your beauty. Does that sound like a far-fetched claim? Not really, when you consider recent studies that show meditation has many physiological and psychological benefits.

When you think about the word “meditation”, even if you haven’t actively practiced it yourself, what might come to mind is a person sitting in a cross-legged (lotus) position with their eyes closed. What else would you notice about this person? Would they look worried, angry, sad or upset? Probably not. When we think of someone meditating, we think of them having a calm, peaceful appearance. Meditation involves relaxing the body and clearing the mind of relentless and stressful thoughts. Several factors such as pollution, a bad diet and overexposure to the sun can cause wrinkles and mar the elasticity of the skin. Stress is also a major culprit. So, when you practice meditation, you enter a serene state which doesn’t allow room for frown lines, pinched eyebrows and other facial expressions that indicate distress. Obviously you are going to look more attractive, relaxed and approachable.

Scientific evidence shows that meditation can actually transform how circuitry in the brain works. Using MRIs, neuroscientists showed that people who meditate frequently (like Buddhist monks) have higher brain activity in their left prefrontal cortex, which is an area of the brain region associated with happy emotions and positive thoughts. It is common sense that when you are happy inside, you have more self-confidence that shines through to the outside. And when you are self-confident and love and respect yourself, others will too and will be attracted to your beautiful inner glow. Also, allowing your mind and body to relax through meditation reduces stress hormones which can cause aging and other detrimental effects to your health. You look and feel younger, healthier and more beautiful.

Of course, to practice meditation you don’t have to be in the lotus position – you don’t even have to be sitting down. You can be standing, lying down or just walking somewhere peaceful. What is important is finding the best way to reach that state of awareness and non-attachment to thoughts and objects that cause suffering. The more you train your mind and body to be relaxed, the better you are to cope with real-world pressures. This builds your self-worth and makes you more at ease with people who will definitely notice and marvel at your beauty from within.