Posted by: manjitsandhu | September 1, 2010

How the Discipline of Meditation Can Help You Deal With Change and Reach Your Professional Goals

Whether in your personal life or in your workplace, change is inevitable. Nothing you can do or say will keep it from happening. Although you know intellectually that turmoil and transitions often lead to growth and new opportunities, you are at a loss. What techniques can you employ to help you cope with the stress that change always brings?

Many people choose unhealthy solutions to the mental unrest that comes with change. They drink heavily; they eat too much; some go on shopping sprees they can’t afford. Instead of going down these destructive and costly roads, you need look no further than the strength you already possess. Tapping into it through the power of meditation can enable you to transform your attitude toward change. In no time, you will be using the transitions in your workplace as a springboard to setting and achieving your own personal goals.

There is nothing magical or esoteric about meditation. Although it can take many forms, all types of intentional contemplation involve setting time aside for regular physical and mental relaxation. Whether you choose to verbalize a word or phrase, adopt a specific pose, or gaze at an image, the same principles hold. The object is to gently draw your focus away from the niggling details and anxieties of daily life, enabling clarity and peace to replace them.

Since the 1960’s when this discipline began to gain popularity in the West, scientists have been examining the effects of meditation. Numerous studies have suggested that those who meditate regularly experience a significant drop in blood pressure and stress levels. Many practitioners have also reported that meditation has brought about dramatic changes in their outlook, their behavior toward others, and their response to stress.

In short, meditation provides you with an arsenal of tools that you can use to reduce or eliminate the stress that change inevitably causes. Because it has taught you how to look within yourself for strength and clarity, you will be much less likely to fall into the traps of fear, negativity, and stagnation that change often causes. In marked contrast to many of your coworkers, you will exude an aura of calm and self-sufficiency that even your harried boss may notice.

If you were the supervisor of your department, would you put your trust in a worker who responded to the upcoming changes with bewilderment, anger and resistance? Or would you rather rely on someone who recognized the challenges, but continued to project an air of calm competence? By investing only a few minutes a day in the discipline of meditation, you can give yourself the lasting gifts of confidence, self-control and calm. This gift will bear fruit in countless ways in many aspects of your life. Why not treat yourself to the benefits of meditation? It will prove invaluable each and every time you must confront the change and transitions that are an inescapable part of life.

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