Posted by: manjitsandhu | August 1, 2010

I guarantee that you will not benefit from meditation unless you do this one thing.

Meditation is designed as an overall positive experience that helps boost a person’s well-being. It is an ancient holistic practice that allows one to achieve benefit by reflecting on deep thoughts, past experiences, and future dreams. If these experiences or thoughts are negative, then meditating gives a chance for someone to reflect on past mistakes for the purpose of creating better paths for the future.

However, if you are still creating negative energy in your present, you will not reach your greatest benefits through meditation. Negative energy comes in the form of pessimistic thoughts, uncontrollable emotions, destructive actions, and poor health. A strong negative force will prevent meditators from concentrating fully and creating more positive experiences. Therefore, you will not benefit from meditation unless you also stop creating negative energy.

It is common for tortured souls to go into meditation to start filling in their empty holes. But they would only be digging a ditch if they were to try to meditate while living a life of decadence. Meditation involves an equilibrium where tension is relieved and focus is achieved. So the individual must keep all of his or her emotions and actions in check. The practice is not easy and it would not be any easier if the individual’s emotions lead to a nervous breakdown.

Many meditation practitioners also make the mistaking of continuing to follow a poor diet. Although food is not mental or spiritual, eating will directly affect a person’s moods. People who eat well have increased energy levels so they are more buoyant, active, content, and motivated throughout the day. They also have improved sleep, memory, and concentration.

Obviously, smoking is a large hindrance to the meditative requirements of concentration and purification. Similarly, overeating, particularly sugar, produces an overload of resources that throws the body off balance. This is why many practitioners also practice moderation and fasting.

You cannot succeed in meditation by living a highly tense, fiery life of destructive thoughts and emotions. If you do so, you will fail to reach your meditative peak and also fail to realize your fullest potentials.


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